If you’ve followed the election results, you’ll know the state of Georgia has been a source of contention with its razor thin margin and delays in the vote count. Last week, the vote in Fulton County, GA was brought to a standstill due to an unexpected issue. According to this article, “Fulton County is Georgia’s most-populous (county), with Atlanta inside its borders, and its votes matter greatly in determining the way that Georgia swings in the presidential election.” What brought upon this sudden stoppage in counting? A water pipe burst in a room holding the county’s mail-in ballots. Fortunately, none of the ballots were damaged, but this plumbing issue caused serious delays as workers hurried to move the ballots. Talk about terrible timing! You never know when pipes will burst and plumbing issues will ensue. Just as devastating are pipes that break underground as they can cause a backup in your basement or bathroom or a giant sinkhole in your yard. Over the years, we at Apex have run across many flooded basements and ruined rooms due to broken sewer lines or busted water lines. Just like in Georgia, these things often happen suddenly and without warning. Do you know who you will call if this happens to you?

Apex Plumbing has been responding to these emergencies for the last 35 years and we’ve seen it all. Though we do not fix interior plumbing, we’ve handled our fair share of interior disasters due to burst or backed up underground pipes. If it’s plumbing and it’s underground, we will repair it, replace it, remove it, or move it. Remember, plumbing disasters strike quickly and can be costly. Make sure you know who you’re going to call if you experience an underground plumbing disaster. Call Apex at (303) 215-1348 for your emergency underground plumbing needs.

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