Earlier this month, Leri Harper of Everett, WA was worried about her leaking pipes when she checked her basement to see if any of them had burst. She was startled to find every room had flooded! When the plumber inspected the damage, he found problems with the sewer connection. According to this article, “It was above ground, transitioned from a normal cast iron pipe to a concrete pipe then to a 6-by-4-inch PVC fitting. All unusual.” Her sewer line ran through an existing septic tank before making its way to the main. It was a hodgepodge approach from plumbers 50 years previously, but her house was *technically* connected to the sewer main so no one thought to check if their was a septic tank to pump. A sanitation company came to pump it and over three feet of scum and sludge had accumulated. What should’ve been a standard sewer repair snowballed into a massive issue that cost over $20k to fix.

At Apex, we specialize in underground wet utilities and have repaired many bizarre sewer line situations. We’ve had to fix problems such as previous plumbers using duct tape or a coffee can to fix a sewer line or homebuilders building brand new homes and forgetting to connect the line to the main. As a home buyer, it’s incredibly important to get the line inspected to make sure the house is connected to the main and in proper working order. Also, whether you’re buying a home that needs a sewer repair or have lived in your home for decades, it’s crucial to hire someone who has the experience to fix any issues that may arise. We at Apex have been in business since 1985 and have tens of thousands of hours of combined experience on our crews and management staff. We’ve encountered many bizarre situations and are fully prepared to fix any underground wet utilities problems you may have. If you are in need of a sewer repair or water line replacement, contact Apex today for your free estimate!

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