Why Choose Apex?

Maybe you need a sewer line repair or you’re looking for someone to provide a water line replacement bid. Apex Plumbing can help! Multiple companies will offer their services stating they can help too. What makes Apex different? In choosing your underground plumbing company, here are some reasons to work with us.


Decades of Experience

Apex Plumbing has been serving customers along the Front Range for well over 35 years. Our owner and CEO began Apex in 1985 and received his Master Plumbers License in 1987. Since then, he has worked to build one of the largest underground wet utilities repair service provider in the Denver Metro area. In our 38 years, we have performed tens of thousands of sewer repairs and water line replacements. This means we’ve seen nearly every possible problem with underground wet utilities, making us uniquely qualified to handle any of your sewer or water line issues.

Superior Customer Service

We strive to provide the best customer service experience possible by ensuring everyone from laborers to salesmen to the general manager understands their role in providing it. Team meetings are regularly held concerning how to improve upon the services we deliver as well as our communication between us and the customer. Everyone in the company from top to bottom is dedicated to top notch customer service.

5-Year Warranty

Our 5-year fully-transferable warranty is the best in the business. Apex Plumbing was one of the first companies to offer a warranty of this length a few decades ago, and over the years our warranty has served to give each customer the assurance of our commitment to quality work. Fully transferable means no matter how many times a property is sold within the 5 years of our work, we will still honor the warranty because it will simply transfer to the new owner. We’re able to offer this because of this dedication to quality work. Though warranty issues are not common, we make every effort to address them immediately. Our customers hire us to do the best work possible and we deliver.

Turnkey Solution

We at Apex are a turnkey solution provider. This means we are responsible for all aspects of the job from the beginning to the end. From the moment you receive our bid to the moment the job is complete, Apex employees perform all of the work. We provide line locating, we prepare the job site, perform the excavation, repair/replace/install the water or sewer line, backfill and compact, and replace or restore the concrete, asphalt, and/or landscaping. Because all of this is done in-house, we can control the quality of the work.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Over our 37 year history, Apex Plumbing has continued to grow to meet the needs of our customers, and their referrals have driven our growth. We try to leave every customer feeling as though they received the best service possible by regularly stressing to our crews the need to give each customer a fantastic experience. Through our commitment to excellence, we have become one of the largest wet utilities repair companies in the Metro area. We provide the resources and experience of a large company while remaining focused on individual customer satisfaction.

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