With the World Cup coming to an end this last Sunday, toilets everywhere can (figuratively) breathe a collective sigh of relief. According to an article in The Japan Times, Japan’s 2-1 defeat of Columbia on 6/19 had potential to cause a major plumbing disaster. As any sports fan knows, if you have to use the restroom during the game, you wait until the commercial break, even if you about do damage to your bladder while waiting. In soccer (or football, as the rest of the world calls it), there’s one stop at half time with not even one commercial break until half. This leaves fans one 15-minute opportunity to relieve themselves before the action resumes. Most soccer games don’t have enough viewership to cause a problem. However, the World Cup is a different animal altogether. After all, the number of viewers is staggering. Though all the statistics are yet to come in and be calculated for the 2018 Cup, FIFA reported that 2014’s reached 3.2 billion viewers during the tournament and one billion alone during the final. The streaming numbers for 2018 shattered records in the first round alone. So if you’re Japan and a good portion of Tokyo is watching the big game, millions of people all using the bathroom at the same time has potential to cause major problems. The Japan Times article reports that water use jumped 24% in Tokyo during the break at half, and it jumped 50% after the final whistle. Luckily, the Tokyo Waterworks Bureau anticipated the spike in use and adjusted the city’s water supply and pressure. However, Japan is not the only country with incredibly high viewership. The leading commercial network of France, the tournament’s winning team, saw an 82.2% market share for Sunday’s final. This number does not include the crowds who watched it in bars and at other venues including the Eiffel Tower and the Stade du France arena, where the final aired ahead of a Beyonce and Jay-Z concert. Few places are prepared to handle the sheer amount of people using the restrooms after such an event. With several tons of sewage and wastewater heading down into city mains, this can lead to backups and other more serious sewer issues.

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