Did you know that today, November 13th, is World Kindness Day? It is a day to focus on the kindnesses that have been shown to you and to think of how you can spread that kindness to others. The day came about through the organization known as the “World Kindness Movement” (WKM). On November 13, 1997 in Tokyo, Japan, the organization was formed when Japan brought together like-minded kindness organizations from around the world for the first time. As their website states, “WKM is now recognized as the peak global body for Kindness and whilst not a governing body it is a platform for collaboration and sharing.” Now, there are over 28 nations involved in the movement!

Today is a day where we can focus on doing random acts of kindness for others, regardless of the appreciation or anything else we may get in return. One great article gives some suggestions for how you can do this including calling a loved one, giving someone a nice note, adopting a pet, donate some money, give someone a compliment and more. Here at APEX Plumbing, we are always looking to show kindness to others and to demonstrate our appreciation for the kindness that has been shown to us. Whether it is donating our time and money to help out the community or keeping our prices at wholesale to give each customer the best bang for the buck, we strive to be a kind company. We also believe in showing kindness through our excellent customer service. Our receptionists seek to brighten your day and our estimators work hard to give you the best experience possible. Showing kindness whenever possible is a top priority for our business. Are you in need of a water or sewer line repair or replacement? Let us demonstrate our kindness to you! Give us a call today for your FREE estimate.

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