I’ve always been pretty fascinated with what is underneath us. Whether it be James Cameron going in a submarine to explore the depths of the ocean or Indiana Jones finding the Ark of the Covenant under a mound of sand in Egypt, the real or even fictional mysteries that are beneath us captivate me. However, underground is not always about exploring the unknown but about using the space beneath the surface to do amazing things. A recent Business Insider article featured a London-based business called “Growing Underground” that is a farm located 10 stories below the street. This particular farm established in 2012 uses a World War II deep-level bomb shelter to produce two tons of food each month. The owners use hydroponic systems and LED lighting to simulate a day and night cycle. How cool is that? The article states, “The process takes place entirely underground, from the sowing of the seeds to the harvesting and packaging.” This business shows us there is so much land under the surface that could be used in a number of ways. In fact, a quick google search shows the total land surface area of earth is 57 million square miles. Imagine what could be done if we were to utilize the space underneath? Yet, it seems most people don’t think of what is underground or the purposes it could have.

We at APEX see this all the time. People don’t often think about the underground pipes and sewer systems that make modern plumbing possible. Just like that London company understands, there is so much use for the area beneath the surface that people can easily forget about. The sewer and water lines make great use of that space. It’s an intricate system that is vital to a city’s infrastructure, always in use but rarely appreciated. That is, until it stops working. A break in the line, a belly, or other issues can create backups in the pipe and keep you from being able to flush your toilet. This is where APEX comes in to help. We specialize in repair and replacement of those underground sewer systems so they can stay in the back of your mind. But the next time you flush a toilet, try to remember and appreciate what’s under the surface making that possible! If you currently have issues with your sewer or water line, call APEX today!

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