As of tomorrow (Friday, December 10th), Denver is supposed to get its first snow in over 230 days! This has obliterated the record for latest snow on record, the previous record being November 21st. According to Fox 31, on average, Denver sees its first snow by October 18th. If snow does come tomorrow, we will be 4 days short of breaking the all-time record for most consecutive days without snow (235) set in 1887. It’s no wonder why my skin is cracking and my eyes feel drier than the desert. Everything is dry these days. Skin is dry, lips are dry, birdbaths are dry, ground is dry, and vegetation is dry. Along with these, struggling from this dryness are our poor trees. Without snowfall and with very little rain, trees are thirsty and will seek out the closest source of water. For most, that will be your sewer. With old sewer lines having several joints in them, it gives perfect access points to your famished trees for them to get the water and nutrients they so desperately need.

As such, you may experience tree roots in your line that can cause backups, leaks, or slow drains. When this happens, you might call someone to come clean the line. This can work well if the roots are minimal, but if they were already in your lines before this drought, they could possibly be much more than sewer cleanings can handle. Even if they do get rid of the roots, the cracks are still in the pipe and the tree still needs nutrients. Then, chances are you will need it cleaned time and again. If that is the case, we suggest you look to get the line repaired or replaced. That’s where Apex can help. We have performed over 10,000 sewer repairs and have seen our fair share of tree root-infested sewer lines in our 36 years in business. Contact us today for your free estimate!

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